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Terminal Characteristics

Facilities main characteristics
Nominal Annual Capacity
Regasification Max Capacity
LNG Storage Capacities
Information from Port Authorities
Service description
Basic Services
Other Services
LNG Quality
LNG Quality Specification
Gas Quality Conversion Equipments

How to Become a Costumer/User

Main Steps for Applying for Access
Access regime: exempted/regulated
Access request procedures
Contract signature and conditions
Contract Information
Structure and content Foundation Capacity Agreement
Structure and content Inter User Agreement
Structure and content Slot Capacity Agreement
IT system Due to an updating of the IT systems, ECS will be made available in the next months
TSO Information
TSO Information
Ship Procedures
Certification procedure LNG Carrier Compatibility
Certification procedure LNG Carrier Approval and Vetting Procedures
Certification procedure Terminal regulations and information booklet
List of Vessels


Primary Market
Allocation Rules Foundation Capacity Release (Resolution 167/05)
Allocation Rules Procedure for the multi-year booking of regasification capacity
Allocation Rules Procedure for the annual booking of regasification capacity
Available capacity Procedure for the multi-year booking
Available capacity Procedure for the annual booking
Secondary Market
Allocation Rules


Regulated Terminal
Applicable tariff
Tariff Calculator not available

Legal Documentation

Link to regulation and legislation

Operational Data

Operational Data
Stock Levels, Inflows, Outflows