The Annual Unloading and Loading Schedule for Gas Year 2022/2023 is now online

The Annual Unloading and loading schedule for Gas Year 2022/2023 has been published in the business area of OLT’s website.

With reference to the planning of delivery slots dates, the allocation of most of the capacity for the Gas Year 2022/2023 was made through the request for the extension of capacity by the awardee of Product 1 GY 2023/2024 – 2026/2027 in auction last June 10th, instead of through the PAR Platform. For this reason, notwithstanding Clause of the Regasification Code, the planning related to the Gas Year 2022/2023 will be done directly through communication of preferences between the awardee and OLT.

This planning will be open to any entity that has been awarded capacity for the Gas Year 2022/2023 and will take place in two steps:

  1. July 15th  2022 – distribution phase delivery slots in the months of the gas year;
  2. July 20th, 2022 – Planning of slot discharge dates of the delivery slots in the individual months.

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