Annual and multi-year allocation

Annual and multi-year allocation with expression of interest


OLT Offshore LNG Toscana publishes here below the available Continuous Capacity, in a manner which conforms as far as possible to the expressions of interest received.

Within April 17th, 2023 each Applicant that meets the Service Conditions shall:

  • sign the capacity commitments in accordance with the provisions of Clause 2.1.7 of the Regasification Code;
  • provide adequate financial guarantees in accordance with the provisions of Clause of the Regasification Code;

In order to participate in the capacity allocation, the Applicant must be eligible to operate on the Regasification Auction Platform (PAR) in accordance with the relevant rules. Blank test sessions will be scheduled with GME on April 13th 2023, on PAR Platform.

The regasification capacity will be offered in 155,000 m3liq capacity slots. This capacity will be offered as below:

  • first product “long term” from Gas Year 2024/2025 to Gas Year 2033/2034;
  • second product “short term” from Gas Year 2024/2025 to Gas Year 2026/2027;
  • third product from Gas Year 2027/2028 to Gas Year 2032/2033 with the possibility to request, after the award, the extension to previous Gas Years and/or Gas Year 2033/2034 in case of capacity still available. The extension will be at the product allocation price.

With reference to the first and third product, those who have been awarded capacity up to the Gas Year 2033/2034 may submit a purchase option for the following Gas Years at the same allocation price of the product and for the same number of slots awarded. This option is subject to the possible extension of the current operating life of the Terminal.

OLT will provide the modalities for the exercise of this option well in advance of the auction date.

The offers can be presented through the PAR Platform from 19 April 2023.



Based on the expressions of interest received and waiting for the definition of the products, OLT informs that the publication of the available capacity products for the annual and multi-annual auctions with expressions of interest is postponed to March 27th, 2023.


Pursuant to the Regasification Code approved by ARERA on 02/11/2021 with Resolution 474/2021/R/Gas, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana publishes the Continuous Capacity available from Gas Year 2024/2025 to Gas Year 2033/2034 for the purpose of the multiyear allocation process with expression of interest.

The capacity is offered in slots of 155,000 liqcm, up to the maximum authorized capacity of 3.75 billion Sm3.

The expressions of interest must be sent by 1 March 2023 to the address here below:

email –

PEC address –

The expressions of interest indicating the capacity expressed in m3liq/year for each Gas Year may be sent to OLT using Annex 1 of the Regasification Code available here below. In case of expressions of interest related to several Gas Years, the interested party shall necessarily indicate an equal capacity for each Gas Year to which the expression of interest refers to.

According to the expressions of interest received, OLT will prepare a proposal to the Authority for the capacity offer as part of the subsequent allocation process and, following such verification with the Authority, by 15 March 2023, OLT will publish the Continuing Capacity making it available in a way that is as consistent as possible with any expressions of interest received.

At the same time, by 1 March 2023, Users will be able to express interest in any capacity to be made available after 2033.