International Membership


The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) was formed as an international organisation through which all industry participants might share experiences, address common problems and derive agreed criteria for best practices and acceptable standards.

The purpose of the Society is to promote shipping and terminal operations for liquefied gases which are safe, environmentally responsible and reliable. To fulfill this mission it will:

  • Proactively develop best operating practices and guideline
  • Sustain a learning environment by sharing lessons learned
  • Promote training and development of all within the industry
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders
  • Conduct its business with professionalism and integrity

In October 2014 OLT hosted in Livorno the 60th Panel Meeting, a conference that SIGTTO  organizes yearly, attended by  the most important carrier and terminal operators in the LNG sector internationally.


GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe) is an association representing the sole interest of the infrastructure industry in the natural gas business such as Transmission System Operators, Storage System Operators and LNG Terminal Operators. GIE has currently 67 members in 24 European countries.

GIE voices the views of its members vis-à-vis the European institutions, regulators and other stakeholders. Its mission is to actively contribute to the construction of a single, sustainable and competitive gas market in Europe underpinned by a stable and predictable regulatory framework as well as by a sound investment climate.


The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is a voluntary association of oil companies with an interest in the shipment and terminalling of crude oil, oil products, petrochemicals and gas.

OCIMF is widely recognized as the voice of the oil industry providing expertise in the safe and environmentally responsible transport and handling of hydrocarbons in ships and terminals and setting standards for continuous improvement.
The current membership of OCIMF comprises 105 companies worldwide, including OLT.