CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

The goal of OLT is to have a positive impact on the Territory, to pursue it the only way to go is corporate responsibility.

In 2019, the Company presented a Company Social Responsibility project: “L’Energia del Mare – fare con e per il Territorio” (“The energy of the sea – acting with and for the territory”).

L'Energia del Mare

What we work for: developing shared social projects, of interest for the area of Livorno and Pisa and consistent with our company mission.

Through this initiative, OLT is enhancing the work done over the years in defense of safety – promoting a safe, healthy and fair workplace – and environmental and social protection, as well as the ongoing commitment to support local communities, which has characterized his work from the beginning.

The energy of the sea – acting with and for the territory

The project can be broken down into 5 areas of intervention, which represent the areas of main interest for the territory and for OLT:

Green & Blue

To promote responsible and precise policies to protect the ecosystems, reducing the impact of man’s activities and disseminating the culture of sustainability.
Thanks to the initiatives of reforestation and creation of green areas supported by OLT over the years will be captured about 5,761 tons of CO2eq.

Open Lab Talent

To invest in young people, research and innovation that lie at the heart of a solid future. The project will include concrete actions to stimulate, support and train the new generations.

Gioco di Squadra

To create union in the community by promoting sporting, cultural and social activities. The initiatives aim to amplify the sense of inclusion and stimulate the participation of the company stakeholders.

Gioco di Squadra

To support younger children and their families in the difficult moments of their young lives.

Curiamo il Futuro

To defend workers’ health and safety, spreading the culture of safety at work, because it is the workers that make a company a great enterprise.
Implementation of the project LiHS – Leadership in Health and Safety to promote HEALTH and SAFETY culture in the company.

Health & Safety Vision

Responsabilità Sociale d'Impresa

In addition, over the years, other initiatives have been carried out in favor of the local community, children and the most disadvantaged people. In recent years, given the emergency situation that the community has faced, OLT has decided to concentrate a large part of its efforts to support, in particular, the sector of health and school.