Regasification Cycle

The regasification Terminal “FSRU Toscana” was realized using safe and well-proven technologies, using subsystems and components that are largely used in various sectors of the oil and gas industry.

The steps of the regasification cycle are:

Receipt and storage of LNG in the regasification Terminal’s tanks

During operation, the LNG is loaded by direct transfer, through four loading arms offshore type, from the LNG carriers moored to the Terminal (“side-by-side” configuration).

Regasification – LNG is reconverted into natural gas

The LNG stored in the tanks is then sent to the regasification module, where it is brought back to the gaseous state through heat exchange with sea water using propane as intermediate fluid.

Gas sendout in the national grid

Gas is sent to a depth of 120 meters, through two risers, and it is then injected into an undersea pipeline which is part of the national grid.