Maritime Services 2018

To make available the towing and line handling services – different from those whose tariffs are included in the regasification tariff – and the piloting services (collectively, the Maritime Services) in full compliance with requirements imposed by Port Authority of Livorno under the provisions of Ordinance No. 6/2014, OLT has signed framework agreements with services providers in port of Livorno. The below tariffs are published in compliance with the principle of transparency and on no discriminatory basis and to allow any interested party to estimate the total cost of the services: in any case please refer to the relevant service provider, as identified below, for more details on the economic and operational conditions, contractual provisions that apply to services as well as any further information. The tariffs for towing and piloting services are applicable for the whole 2018, while the line handling service tariff will be applicable for the period 1st October 2018 – 30th September 2019 only, having thereafter be updated for inflation as calculated by ISTAT.

Towing Service

Tariff for towing service provided by first and second tug 9,339.12 €/mooring
Tariff for towing service provided by third tug 17,816.00 €/mooring
Hourly tariff for each for each hour in excess to the 4 hours required for standard service by third tug 204.00 €/h

In case the third tug is already available alongside the LNG carrier and, for any reason, the service is refused or postponed to another date, 50% of the relevant tariff will be charged to LNG carrier.

Service provider:
Fratelli Neri SpA
Via Pisa 10 – 57100 Livorno
Attn: Corrado Neri

Piloting Service

Piloting Service Tariff 12,398.00 €/mooring
Hourly tariff for each hour in excess to the 26 hours required for standard service 207.00 €/h

Service provider:
Corpo Piloti del Porto di Livorno
Molo Mediceo, 55 – 57123 Livorno
Attn: Cap. Massimiliano Lupi
E-mail: capo /

Line Handling Service

Line Handling Service Tariff (separately for each mooring and unmooring operations)
For vessel with gross tonnage up to 55,000 GT 877.15
above 55,000 GT for each 1,000 GT in excess to 55,000 GT an additional tariff of 31.00 €/1000GT
Surcharge for extraordinary works 38%
Personell availability (*)
Hourly Tariff 133.28 €/h

(*) such tariff will be applied taking into the actual time required for operations (when the people is available at the Marine Base until their return at the same Marine Base)

Service provider:
Via delle Crociere, 7– 57123 Livorno
Attn: Lino Capozzi