OLT’s mission is based on two principles: responsible management of its activities and full disclosure in reporting them.

The only way of doing business on the territory is the one based on Sustainability, that means realizing and maintaining a plant with the best available technologies on the market, ensuring the highest standards in terms of safety and environment management and a socio-economic contribution to the territory.

For this reason, OLT decided to report its activity through “Rapporto Sicurezza, Ambiente e Territorio” and “Dichiarazione Ambientale – EMAS”. These two documents represent OLT’s way of doing business, but they are also a means for dialogue and confrontation with the company’s stakeholders in order to get inputs for improvement.

For any further details concerning sustainability in OLT and relating documents – “EMAS –  Dichiarazione Ambientale” and “Rapporto Sicurezza, Ambiente e Territorio”, you can contact us at this email address:

Read the policy about personal data that you send by writing at the e-mail address above

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