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1. Terms and conditions of use

1.1 – The website to which this document refers belongs to

NAME OLT – Offshore LNG Toscana S.p.A. (hereinafter COMPANY)
REGISTERED OFFICE Via Passione, n.8 Milan (MI) 20122

1.2 – The information and services offered by the Website are accessible electronically at the address:


1.3 – The user acknowledges that the access and/or use of the Website and the services offered are subordinate to full acceptance of the legal notes described below.

1.4 – The user must be over 18 and have the necessary capacity to act and interact with the website, use the services offered by the site and assume any and all responsibility deriving from its use.

1.5 – The user acknowledges and accepts that any interaction with the website implies full acceptance of these Legal Notes and any other published document. If he/she does not intend to accept these conditions, the user is invited not to use the website and not to download any material from it. Terms and conditions other than those given in this section may apply to the provision of certain services or sales or to the use of other parts of the website.

1.6 – The user undertakes to interact with the site (by way of example: navigation, filling in forms, sending e-mails including attachments, uploading content, using instant messaging tools, sharing content, interacting with profiles on social networks etc.) in accordance with applicable regulations and the rules of use published by the respective Controllers.

1.7 – In the case of interaction as mentioned above – intended as conduct implying an intent of full and informed acceptance – the user:

a) acknowledges that he/she will be deemed responsible for any activity – also indirectly attributable to his/her personal account – that is illegal or in any case harmful (even only potentially harmful) to the owner of the Website, its image or its rights or those of third parties;

b) undertakes to interact with the Website for legal purposes, without infringing third parties’ rights, providing updated, correct and truthful information of which he/she is legitimately in possession or is the owner;

c) undertakes to hold harmless, guarantee and relieve the Controller from any claim, of any nature, raised by third parties (individuals, public authorities, etc.), related to, also indirectly, any activity – also indirectly attributable to his/her personal account – that is illegal or in any case harmful (even only potentially harmful) to the owner of the Website, its image or its rights or those of third parties related to or resulting from interaction with the Website;

d) acknowledges and accepts that the technical data (e.g. session logs, etc.) held by or available to the Controller will be considered valid tools to demonstrate the above.

2. Intellectual and industrial property rights

2.1 – The Website as a whole and in its individual parts is an original work – over which the Owner reserves all rights – and, therefore, it is protected by applicable laws and regulations. The Website is accessible through a specific domain name; such domain name is also protected as a trademark.

2.2 – All rights over the content of the Website (by way of example only, texts, images, distinctive signs, audio and video files as well as the architecture of the Website) are held by the COMPANY, or by the legitimate owners of same, in accordance with applicable national and international law provisions.

2.3 – All rights over distinctive signs contained in / published on / used by the Website (trademarks, patents, domain names) are held by the COMPANY, or by the legitimate owners of same, in accordance with applicable national and international law provisions.

2.4 – The content of the Website pages of any type whatsoever (also published on Social Networks) can be used solely for personal purposes, in a way and to an extent that is consistent with interaction with the Website and the use of the related services. Specifically, they cannot, either in full or in part, be copied, reproduced, transferred, uploaded, published, distributed and/or disseminated, or in any case used, even indirectly, in any way or using any tool, without the prior written permission of the owner of the Website. Storage on the User’s personal computer or printing of extracts of pages of this Website is permitted solely for personal use.

2.5 – Any use – also indirect use, using any tool and in any form – of the distinctive signs used on the Website (including the domain name) is forbidden unless authorised in writing in advance by the owner of the Website or its legitimate owners.

2.6 – Any conduct – including indirect conduct, using any tool and in any form – that can, even potentially, create misunderstanding over the Website, the services rendered or the products offered, is forbidden.

2.7 – Any link to this Website, if inserted by third parties, must not cause damage to the COMPANY’S image and/or activities. “Deep linking” is forbidden; that is, the use on third parties’ websites of parts of the Website or in any case direct linking to the pages without passing via the Website’s home page.

2.8 – Any material sent to the COMPANY will be considered non-confidential and the COMPANY will not undertake any obligation of any type whatsoever in relation to such material, being entitled to use it without any limit whatsoever. Whoever sends material guarantees that such material is publishable, accepting and undertaking to hold harmless and relieve the owners of the Website from any action by third parties in relation to such material or for violation of applicable law provisions, for example regarding copyright, or in any case the protection of intellectual property or the processing of personal data.

2.9 – Any non-observance will be prosecuted through the appropriate civil and penal courts of law.

3. Guarantees and liability

3.1 – The COMPANY does not guarantee continuity of access or correct visualisation, download or use of the elements and information contained on the pages of the portal, that may be prevented, obstructed or interrupted by factors or circumstances outside its control.

3.2 – The texts, information, images and other data published or accessible through forms on the Website, have an exclusively informative and not contractual purpose, unless otherwise set forth or established by applicable law provisions.

3.3 – In no case will the COMPANY be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the Website, the incapacity or impossibility to access it, any trust created by the news contained therein or its use.

3.4 – The information can be modified or updated without prior notice. The COMPANY can also improve, change or delete some sections of this Website, without prior notice.

3.5 – Despite that fact that the services and/or content of the Website have an indefinite life, the COMPANY reserves the right to unilaterally close, suspend or interrupt the provisions of the services or the Website in general at any moment and without prior notice.

3.6 – The User acknowledges that the Website operator can in no case whatsoever be held liable for the information, content, products and services offered or provided through the Websites of third party individuals or entities, hereby including those for which the Website has activated a link, or for any other content, information or anything else that violates applicable law provision present in the resource of the third party connected by the link. Whoever decides to visit a website connected to this Website does so at his/her own risk, taking all the precautions necessary against viruses or other destructive elements.

3.7 – Links to other sites does not mean that the COMPANY sponsors or is associated with the entities that provide services described on those websites.

3.8 – In no way may the COMPANY be considered liable for damage caused to third parties due to incorrect, improper and/or unauthorised use of the material contained on the Website, or the transmission of any viruses that infect the IT equipment used by visitors to the Website.

4. Personal data

4.1 – With reference to the processing of the data of users /clients that consult the Website or that request services available online, from the address indicated in point 1.2 above, it is noted that such data will be processed in accordance with applicable rules and regulations (specifically: Reg. EU no. 679/2016), bearing in mind the content of the Privacy Policy and of the specific policies.

Reference should therefore be made to these documents for more detailed information.

5. Cookies

5.1 – There may be a “cookie” (that is, a small text file that some websites, during visits, can send to the visitor’s address) on any part of the COMPANY’s Website in order to track the visit to the Website. If you prefer not to receive cookies, it is possible to set your browser in a way as to warn you of the presence of a cookie and in this way you can decide whether to accept it or not. It is also possible to automatically refuse all cookies, activating the relative option in the browser.

Reference should be made to the Website’s Cookies Policy for more detailed information.

6. Modifications to the Website’s Conditions of Use

6.1 – The COMPANY reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to these general conditions, publishing the updated version on this page.

6.2 – The User must consult the applicable general conditions every now and again. In any case, the COMPANY will notify Users of any changes to the general conditions in a notice posted on the Website’s home page.

6.3 – The COMPANY will in any case retain the previous versions of the general conditions contained in the Legal Notes.

7. Law and jurisdiction

7.1 – Without prejudice to the applicability of obligatory provisions, any dispute regarding the interpretation, application of these legal notes and the use of the Website, where not regulated elsewhere:

a) will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian Judicial Authorities,

b) is regulated by Italian law,

c) will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.

7.2 – Without prejudice to the above, the COMPANY reserves the right, if it is considered necessary or opportune, to take action with the Courts of the Countries or cities other than in Italy or those indicated in the previous point to protect its interest and to enforce its rights.

Version published on 15/06/2020

Date of last update 15/06/2020