Job Opportunities

The activities related to the management of the Terminal require the employment of human resources to be recruited at national and local level. In this section you can get information on the approach that OLT has towards its employees, to keep yourself updated on the open positions and to submit your CV to the company.

Offshore positions

Electrical Manager Cadet

OLT Terminal “FSRU Toscana”

ECOS –  joint venture between the Consortium EXMAR Ship Management and the company F.lli Cosulich – is responsible for the operation, technical management and the crewing on board the “FSRU Toscana” offshore Terminal.

Job description:
The Electrical Manager Cadet is a qualified service engineer assisting in the maintenance, servicing and repairs of the electrical (high voltage equipment included) and automation equipment on the OLT Terminal “FSRU Toscana”, under the supervision of the Electrical Manager.

Qualification requirements:

  • Young, motivated fresh High School graduate
  • In possession of an electrical, or electronic or informatics High school technical diploma
  • Ability to analyse and use electrical and electronic drawings of the equipment and automation of the FSRU
  • Basic mechanical skills to assist the engineers in routine jobs
  • Computer knowledge to use company’s computers and programs
  • Advanced level knowledge of English in speaking, reading and writing and basic Italian skills required
  • Ability to work in offshore environmental and on rotation 4 weeks on/off

To send spontaneous applications for offshore job positions, please send your CV to Ecos S.r.l., the Terminal’s operator responsible for the management of the Terminal FSRU Toscana.

The value of working with OLT

Working in a company like OLT is a valuable experience and it giges quality to your job. For the company, working and trusting in collaborators’ skills is a precious human and professional resource.  Read more...

OLT, in its Charter of Values, states and shares values in which the company identifies its work and relationship with its employees, it expresses its commitment to adopt socially responsible behaviours in respect of individual and community ‘s interests without distinction of class, origin, sex and religion.
This is why company have chosen to adopt the Social Accountability Management System according to SA8000 Standard and to International Conventions in defense of human and workers rights. It commits itself to comply with SA8000 requirements, human rights conventions and with national and international laws.
OLT sets targets to continually improve its “social impact” committing itself TOWARDS its employees, customers, suppliers and the whole community, which is interested in OLT and in its activities.

Concerning child labour, OLT supports the right to play and to education rejecting child labour in all its forms , supporting initiatives and programs for the protection, health and education of children.

OLT supports free and transparent relationships to guarantee freedom at work promoting the employees growth with a work environment without constraints and limitations, where every employee is informed on the terms and conditions of work and on any news about it.

Health and safety in workplace as a key element for the development of the company. In order to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, OLT has adopted a “management system for health and safety” in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard OHSAS 18001:2007. The system assures the adoption of appropriate measures to prevent, minimize and avoid accidents and damage to health not only occurring at work but also connected to work.

OLT has chosen collaboration as a commitment beyond the freedom of ASSEMBLY and collective bargaining. OLT ensures and promotes collaboration.

For OLT the commitment to provide employees with equal opportunities as individuals and employees is a priority. Company promotes the culture of merit/skill and equality applying the same policies to everyone without distinction of sex, culture, origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, union or political membership and, above all, it does not interfere on the rights of individuals.

OLT has chosen the methods, the commitment to set rules and their respect. Company promotes the respect of workers during the course of work. It prevent conflicts and applies effective and not arbitrary procedures to evaluate che job and any disciplinary practice requested.

The key element is efficiency and the commitment for a proper work organization. OLT requests the respect of the working hours and the Company objectives but, at the same time, it defends the right to the rest and the individual freedom. Working hours is set within the limits provided by current legislation and contracts subscribed.

The commitment is to provide support to employees who go beyond the basic salary. OLT grants to the workers a fair wage est set in accordance to National Collective Contracts and integrated by company agreements.

OLT has chosen the formal respect of rules: Company’s commitment is the continuous improvement. The Social Accountability Management System integrated with the management system for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, requires: an active role of the Management, staff training and information; planning and maintenance of procedures, assured through access to documents and records; management of non conformities and consequent corrective and preventive actions; full collaboration of OLT’s outsourcers to share company’s social accountability values; Company’s commitment to communicate to its stakeholders the results achieved.

For further details on Charter of Values.