Mission and Vision

Our commitment and our perspective

We contribute to the security and diversification of the country’s energy supply without ever derogating from our responsibilities. We put the safety of people and the territory at the center of our work, guaranteeing the full environmental, social and economic sustainability of our Company.

Working to provide energy to the country means looking at the energy transition with awareness. FSRU Toscana represents an essential infrastructure in the energy paradigm shift that Europe and the world are facing. In the fight against climate change and in the path that will lead to the affirmation of renewable energy, liquefied natural gas plays an essential role in the transition from a past characterized by overexploitation of resources to a concretely sustainable future.

To be fully in the wake of this change, OLT will also offer the Small Scale service, an important driver for the decarbonisation of the naval and land transport sector.

Our concrete choices

To concretely implement the set objectives and ensure maximum transparency with its stakeholders, OLT has undertaken a voluntary process of reporting and certifying its performance.

A path outlined in the Code of Ethics, in the Charter of Values, in the HSEQ Policy and in the PIR Policy, which is implemented in the Organization Management 231 and in the Integrated Management System adopted by the Company according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality), UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environment) and EMAS Regulation, UNI EN ISO 45001 (Health and Safety), SA 8000 (Social Responsibility) and in compliance with Legislative Decree 105/15.