In the World

There are 162 operating regasification plants in the world, 35 of which are in Japan, a country with the higher seismic risk. Other 8 plants are under construction in countries like China, Japan and India.

“FSRU Toscana” is part of the offshore floating terminals – there are 34 operating plants of this kind in the world and they will represent the future technological option mostly adopted.

As a further guarantee in terms of safety: in more than 40 years of activity no relevant accidents occurred on a regasification plant and in more than 78,000 trips of LNG carriers all over the world over the last 50 years of activity there were no major accidents (SIGTTO Source).

In addition to the Terminal “FSRU Toscana”, there are other several Floating Storage Regasification Units in the world:
Argentina (1), Bangladesh (2), Brazil (5), China (1), Croatia (1), Colombia (1), Egypt (1), Ghana(1), Indonesia (5), Israel (1), Italy (1), Jamaica (1), Jordan (1), Kuwait (1), Lithuania (1), Malaysia (1), Malta (1), Myanmar (1), Pakistan (2), Russia (1), Turkey (2) and UAE (2) Other similar plants are currently under construction in: India (2), Marocco (1).

Source: LNG Journal – Aprile 2022 e Entsog Gas LNG Europe map