Application procedure for the first infra-annual booking – Gas Year 2013/2014

October 4th 2013

On June 25th 2013 with the deliberation 272/2013/R/GAS, the Authority for electricity and gas defined the shorten timelines for the preliminary compliance to the start the commercial exercise of the terminals that renounced to the exemption to the commitments of TPA.

On the basis of the disposals of the point 4.7 of the quoted deliberation 272/2013/R/GAS, that establishes that the allocation procedure for the first annual awarding is in line with transparent and not discriminatory criteria, defined by the regasification company together with the contract’s general conditions that regulate the supply of the service, OLT publishes the procedure for the offer and the allocation of the regasification capacity related to the First Infra-annual Awarding from the scheduled beginning date until September 30th 2014, also with regards to the ministerial decree, that it results of next publication, we expect it to confirm the renounce by OLT to the exemption to the third part access, already communicated on July 15th 2013 to the Ministry for the Economic Development.

In this section are available the documents related to this allocation procedure for the first annual awarding (Procedure) and the application form for the Access Request to the capacity of the OLT Terminal.

Moreover, OLT publishes the Unloading Slots available for the infra-annual awarding period on the basis of the modalities and the timelines established by the Procedure and the indication of the estimated level of the regasification tariffs valid until December 31st 2013.