Annual and Multi-year capacity allocation

The Applicant shall present a Bank Guarantee for one third (1/3) of the maximum annual commitment fee payable under the Capacity Agreement as per clause of the Regasification Code.

Following Resolution 144/2023/R/Gas of the ARERA, the allocation fees for the continuous regasification capacity in relation to the multi-year allocation processes with expressions of interest will include transport capacity costs and the reserve prices will be equal to the sum of the transport capacity costs associated with the awarded capacity currently in force and the regasification fees defined with Resolution 144/2023/R/Gas.

Please note that the information in the Calculator and its results are indicative and not legally binding.
The Calculator is presented for support and information purposes only. The prices resulting from the use of the Calculator are not to be considered as contractual offers or a basis for contesting invoices of OLT Offshore LNG Toscana. Under no circumstances may OLT Offshore LNG Toscana be held liable for the information provided by this Calculator or for the use of such information.


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