Work is being done to re-open the Incile channel

OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, Province and Municipality of Pisa sign the Agreement. The total project is worth € 4.8 million.

Today it was signed the agreement among OLT Offshore LNG Toscana Company, Province and Municipality of Pisa for the reopening of Incile, the direct connection by water between the center of Pisa and the Port of Livorno. The work of the project will last approximately 24 months for a total cost of € 4.8 million.

After the result of the next decisional process of competent agencies it will be called a public tender to select the company that manage the project. From that moment on, the works will begin. The company will be chosen from the ones experienced in work at sea and/or similar and in road works. The total of € 4.8 million does not include costs for reclamation of lands, waters and sediments of the canal, which must be completed before the end of the project with a cost of € 300 thousand. It will be called a further ad hoc tender for this activity, which is basic to prepare the land on which the works will be made later.

The area affected by the project is the Arno Incile valley, which is about 330 meters long and it is located between the bank of the river (north) and the Navicelli canal (south), at Porta a Mare in Pisa. The historic waterway links the city of Pisa with the industrial port of Livorno. The Arno Incile, the section of canal designed to connect Navicelli to the river Arno without crossing the urbanized area of the city, branches from Navicelli, where there is a basement area near the bend (east), and it extends linearly in a north-south, almost perpendicular to the Arno. The Incile is 11.5 meters wide and on both sides it has reinforced by concrete diaphragms, which are 70 cm thick, 18 meters long of which 17 below the water surface.

OLT will complete the final stretch of the canal, with the primary purpose of making it fully functional. A fully functional canal means that any operation aimed to navigability (Opening and closing Vincian doors, emptying of basins, rising water levels etc.) can be performed autonomously.

In addition, the works related to the usability of the area that will be made in order not to compromise in any way the viability, both temporary, during the phases of construction, and permanent.