Assocostieri: Marika Venturi (OLT) new President of the Association

On July 6th 2016 was held in Rome at the headquarters of Confcommercio the annual meeting of Assocostieri, who unanimously elected the new President, Dr. Marika Venturi, in charge of Institutional Relations of OLT Offshore LNG Toscana. Vice President Dr. Maria Rosaria Di Somma, formerly General Manager of Assocostieri, while the new Managing Director is the lawyer Dario Soria. Marika Venturi pointed out the importance and the strategic role that Assocostieri has been carrying out for over 30 years in the supply of energy products and she stated that “the association aims to support the evolution of the market through the development of their infrastructures through a constructive dialogue with the institutions and with the stakeholders that operate on the territory, to identify the needs and new opportunities of energy logistics”. The meeting was also attended by Gilberto Dialuce, Managing Director of the Ministry of Economic Development for the security of supply and energy infrastructure, Enrico Maria Puja, head of the General Management of Maritime Transport and inland water ways and Paolo Uggè, Vice President of Confcommercio. During their speeches they highlighted the need to create a system of energy logistics and the transport network, maritime, but not only, and the importance that LNG plays in this light. In the European directives on the use of alternative fuels to reduce polluting emissions in the transport sector, LNG has been considered one of the potential fuels to be used for sea and land transport, thanks to the environmental performance that ensures, while securing performance requirements.