OLT sponsor of Tan for three consecutive years

“We want to continue giving our support to Tan, sharing with the local community and referents our attention and sensibility for the most important environment resource of the territory: the sea”. Offshore LNG Toscana (OLT) for the third consecutive year will sponsor the TAN, Accademy Naval and City of Livorno Trophy, the company will keep offering this contribution in order to share the attention and sensibility for the most environment resource of the territory with the local community and its referents among which the Naval Accademy.

Tan, arrived to its 29th edition, established itself, since 1981, to be one of the most important appointment for the sailing lovers both on national and international level. The 2012 edition will be held from 21st April to 1st May and it is foreseen the participation of a high number of competitors and boats from all over the world. The attendance to the next edition of Tan is expected to be increasing compared to 100 thousands visitors of last year’s edition.