Great achievement for OLT auctions


The auctions of OLT Offshore LNG Toscana for the allocation of the continuous regasification capacity, in relation to multi-year allocation processes with expression of interest, concerning Gas Year from 2022/2023 to Gas Year 2032/2033, were successfully concluded on June 10, 2022.

In a very complex and uncertain international scenario, the results of the auctions represent an encouraging sign for the country’s energy supply system. Our Terminal will therefore be able to continue to provide strong contribution for gas supplies for the next decade.

The regasification capacity was offered in slots of 155,000 liqcm. 34 slots of 155,000 liqcm were allocated for each Gas Year starting from 2023/2024 until 2026/2027. Overall, 83% of the authorized annual capacity was allocated for each GY, equal to approximately 3.2 billion cubic meters. In addition, all the still available capacity for the Gas Year 2022/2023, equal to 33 slots of 155,000 liqcm, was allocated.

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