Giovanni Giorgi appointed as GPC Chair of SIGTTO


SIGTTO’s General Purposes Committee (GPC) has appointed Giovanni Giorgi, managing director of OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, as GPC Chair for a period of three years. OLT Offshore LNG Toscana has been a SIGTTO member since 2009 and Giovanni has been a GPC member since 2015.

“I am truly very pleased and proud to be in this position. Energy plays a key role in this particular period in our history. The global scenario will draw more attention to our industry. As a result, I believe we should stress our commitment to safety and the environment over the coming years.
I am also convinced, as stated by the Founding President, Barry Hunsaker, about 40 years ago, that we will best achieve our goals by sharing with each other our non-proprietary technical and safety information and operating experiences through open and frank discussion”.

SIGTTO is an international body established for the exchange of technical information and experience, between members of the industry, to enhance the safety and operational reliability of gas tankers and terminals.

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