The sea works that included the laying of the pipeline were completed as planned.

At present the process for laying the anchors is ongoing, which is not subject to the prescription n°4 of the VIA Decree.
With regards to the statements published this morning in some newspapers, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana – the company which promoted the construction of the offshore Floating Storage Regasification Unit in front of the Tuscany coast and which holds all the authorizations needed – specifies what follows:

  • The submarine pipeline works were ended the 31st of march 2010 and at present the laying of the anchors is the only activity that is still ongoing;
  • The laying of the anchors does not need any handling of sediments (as the Province of Pisa estimated in its Authorisation to move the seabed, Determination n. 2013 of the 11/05/2009), therefore it is not subject to the Prescription n°4 of the VIA Decree.
  • The Prescription n°4 of the VIA Decree refers only to the activities that concern the laying of the offshore submarine pipeline and that causes the movement of the sea bed mood, which could affect the activities of the water sampling and the bathing season itself.