The project “l’Energia del Mare – fare con e per il Territorio” was launched

OLT takes a structured path of relations with the Territory


OLT Offshore LNG Toscana presented the project l’Energia del Mare – fare con e per il Territorio. It develops from the company’s willingness to strengthen and organize the existing relations with local Community, which started when company settled down in Livorno. The aim is to grow and share new social projects of interest for the community of Livorno and Pisa, in accordance with Company’s mission and vision based on a responsible business management.

The macro-initiative includes 5 sub-projects that are directly connected to the interests of OLT and the Territory.

Thematic areas are:

  • Environment
  • Innovation, research and training
  • Sport, culture and social activities
  • Childhood and welfare
  • Safety/health of workers

Each area corresponds to a series of projects

Green & Blue
Promoting responsible and accurate policies to preserve ecosystems, to reduce the impact of human activities and to spread the sustainability culture.

Open Lab Talent
Demonstrating how to invest on young people, research and innovation are the base to generate a strong future. The project will consist of concrete actions to stimulate, support and train new generations.

Gioco di squadra
Joining the Community through the promotion of sports, cultural and social activities. The initiatives want to grow the sense of inclusion and to stimulate the participation of citizens.

Curiamo il futuro
Supporting children and their families during their young and delicate life stages.

Codice bianco
Protecting health and safety of workers, spreading the culture of safety in the workplace, as workers build the business of the Company.