OLT OFFSHORE TUSCANY LNG: details on the committee’s expertise

– It is a step of the process – All the requests by CTR (Commissione Tecnica Regionale) will be implemented

With reference to the document produced by the experts of the International Committee appointed by Tuscany Region, Offshore LNG Toscana (OLT) is glad to see that in their summary opinion it is acknowledged that the plant “has been designed in compliance with the law, the regulations and the best industrial practice” as far as safety is concerned.

Moreover the committee of experts stressed in its conclusions that, beyond the real safety of the plant, its location very far from the coast make not possible “to assume any circumstance in which an incident, whether accidental or intentional, at the site, could pose a danger to those who find themselves on the mainland. They are the obvious benefits to public safety from this separation of 22 km between the plant and the nearest concentration of the public”.

The document has been requested by Tuscany Region as an internal advice to support its representative.

CTR is the proper authority which will release the authorization of the Final Safety Report representing a key element before the Terminal can operate. It is usual for the CTR to ask for some clarifications and integrations, as proposed by its members. The safety report will be released in accordance with the applicable law with EU1473 and the SEVESO II directive (Il Decreto Legislativo N.334 Del 17-08.1999, “Seveso – Bis”: Recepimento della Direttiva 96/82/CE).

On that topic, OLT is hereby confirming its willing to implement all comments received by CTR, with the aim to grant the higher level of safety of the plant.

On November 2003, OLT received the approval of the Preliminary Safety Report that authorized the construction of the Terminal, with a similar procedure, as provided for Decreto Legislativo N.334 del 17-08.1999, “Seveso – Bis” . A lot of requirements rised by the International Committee to the Region have already been evaluated into the Preliminary Safety Report in 2003.