OLT Terminal: green light of the Ministry for the Environment to the mooring of “New Panamax” vessels

OLT Offshore LNG Toscana communicates that the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land Protection and Sea, following a request made by the company, issued a positive opinion regarding the mooring of “New Panamax” vessels at the Terminal. These LNG carriers have the same size as the ones currently authorized, but their tanks have a larger LNG storage capacity. The authorization will allow the Terminal to have greater flexibility and a more strategic role in guaranteeing gas supplies, being able to receive about the 90% of LNG carriers operating worldwide. “New Panamax” vessels represent the new standard currently used for the construction of LNG ships. From an environmental point of view, the level of emissions released by the Terminal remain unchanged. Safety standard also remain unaltered, as confirmed by the positive opinion already issued by the relevant Authority, the Regional Technical Committee (CTR).

Moreover, the Ministry has authorized the increase of the temperature gradient of seawater necessary to the regasification activities of the Terminal “FSRU Toscana”. The increase was asked in consideration of the respect of previously set guidelines. Finally, with regards to the request to use the SF3 water discharge – the second one currently used by the Terminal for maintenance operations – the Ministry for the Environment issued a negative opinion. In the wake of this decision, the company reserves the right to present in the future new documentation and a more detailed analysis. OLT stresses that the request had the sole purpose to increase the operational flexibly of the Terminal, without making any structural changes to the facility, while ensuring its environmental sustainability and guaranteeing maximum safety levels.