OLT will sponsor TAN-Trophy Naval Academy and City of Livorno for the fourth consecutive year

Respect for natural resources and integration with the territory are established as the core values of OLT’s business

OLT Offshore LNG Toscana will sponsor, for the fourth consecutive year, the Naval Academy Trophy and City of Livorno (TAN), the sailing event arrived to its 30th edition and recognized, nationally and internationally, as one of the main events of the sector. The active participation of OLT is a demonstration of the continuity and accountability of the connection with the territory. The initiative reflects, in fact, the central elements of OLT’s business: Environment, Territory, Sociality, Respect and Passion for the sea.

The TAN is an opportunity to take stock of the OLT regasification plant of Livorno. The terminal arrival is expected for December 2012. The floating unit will start commercial operations within first half of 2013. OLT Offshore LNG Toscana is the company responsible for the project set up from the associations of the major industrial companies in the domestic and international energy sector, that hold the shares of the company: E.ON Group (46.79%), Iren Group (46.79%), Golar Offshore Toscana Limited (3.73%) and OLT Energy Toscana SpA (2.69%).

The terminal, which out of water is 289 meters long, 48 meters wide and 26,5 meters tall, will be positioned with six anchors 22 kilometers offshore the Tuscan coast between Livorno and Pisa, with no visual impact, and will be connected to dry land by a 36.5 kilometers, of which 7 kilometers of the main land, long pipeline for the transfer of gas into the national distribution system for the connection to Snam Rete Gas. At full capacity, the unit will have a regassification capacity of 3,75 billion cubic meters a year, about 4% of the national requirement.