OLT’s commitment to new green areas in the territory is growing


OLT, together with the Municipality of Livorno and Arbolia, has inaugurated an urban green area of over 1,800 trees in the south-eastern suburbs of the Municipality, near the Shopping Center “Parco Levante” and the State Road 1 that crosses the city.

The green area was presented by the mayor of Livorno Luca Salvetti, by the Councilor for the Environment Giovanna Cepparello, by the Head of the office for the public green areas Mirco Branchetti, by the CEO of OLT Giovanni Giorgi and the CEO of Arbolia Matteo Tanteri.

The project has allowed to naturalize the area through the creation of a protective forest, with the aim of generating ecosystem benefits for the territory (relationships between environmental resources, economic systems and man) and activating the absorption and biological storage of carbon dioxide.

In the area a total of 1,840 trees of different species (including elms, hackberries, downy oaks, lindens, field maples, judas trees, manna ash, tamarisk trees, black mulberries) and shrubs (including hawthorns, lentisks, dog roses, brooms, junipers and phillyreas) have been planted.

The new green area will absorb up to 264 tons of CO2 in 20 years and up to 139 kg of PM10 per year, returning to the environment up to 193 tons of oxygen in 20 years.

This is the second OLT project in partnership with Arbolia; an urban green area of over 1,600 trees was inaugurated last year between the “Darsena Pisana” and the Galileo Galilei International Airport in the Municipality of Pisa.

OLT wants to give continuity to its social responsibility actions, always in a shared way with the community. For this reason, the Company launched the project “L’energia del Mare – fare con e per il Territorio” (“The energy of the sea – acting with and for the territory”), of which Green & Blue is the project area dedicated to environmental sustainability.