The Incile Canal: the three “Porte Vinciane” were installed. The Canal will be inaugurated by 2016

It was held today the press conference to give an update on the works for the reopening of the Incile Canale, the link between Arno and Navicelli Canal in order to make the navigation possible again from the centre of Pisa to the Port of Livorno.

The activities are in line with the schedule. Currently, the installation and the testing of the Porte Vinciane are nearly completed, a decisive step of the project, critical for the merger into Arno. The works started in September 2014 and will be concluded by 2016. This project has been financed by OLT Offshore LNG Toscana – within the agreement signed between the company OLT, the Province and the Municipality of Pisa – managed by the company Navicelli SpA and realized by Forti SpA (the Company which won the tender).

The participants to the press conference were: Marco Filippeschi, mayor of the Municipality of Pisa; Andrea Serfogli, assessor to Public Works of the Municipality of Pisa; Silvano Calcagno, managing director of the company OLT Offshore LNG Toscana; Franco Canepa, director of the works for OLT; Veronica Bianchi, project manager of the Incile Canal for OLT; Franco Forti, president of Forti SpA; Fabrizio Bacci, managing director of the company Forti SpA; Giovandomenico Caridi, president of the company Navicelli SpA, and Gaetano Petrizzo, consultant of the company Navicelli SpA.