OLT: Elio Ruggeri appointed Chairman OLT Giovanni Giorgi, Chief Executive Officer


Livorno, 5 July 2022 – OLT Offshore LNG Toscana announces that the Board of Directors has approved a new governance which provides for the appointment of Elio Ruggeri as Chairman and the confirmation of Giovanni Giorgi in the role of Chief Executive Officer. The company, in wishing the best successes to the new company management, intends to extend its sincere thanks to Maurizio Zangrandi for the work done during his tenure as CEO of the company.

“I thank the shareholders for this recognition – said Elio Ruggeri -. I am honoured to assume the position of Chairman of OLT, an infrastructure that today more than ever represents a reference point for the Country in terms of security and diversification of energy supplies, as well as for its standards of safety and environmental sustainability”.

“I extend my sincere thanks to the company for the trust they have granted me again – said Giovanni Giorgi -. I would also like to underline that the positive results achieved in recent years are the result of teamwork that involved, in various ways, all the people who work for this infrastructure, on land and at sea, not an easy task which I shared with my colleague Maurizio Zangrandi, whom I greet and thanks. Just as I would like to express my appreciation to the positive and constructive collaboration we have had over the years with all the relevant stakeholders, on the local and regional territory, and on a national level. A precious and necessary collaboration that has allowed us to grow and that we will try to strengthen together with President Ruggeri, to whom I welcome”.