Socio-economic benefits

OLT industrial initiative ensures important opportunities first of all to the territory of Livorno, in which the main investments are concentrated, but also to the other municipalities that are involved.

In particular, these benefits involve three areas of intervention:

1. Environmental compensations

  • Municipality of Livorno and Province of Livorno:
    • a contribution to the realization of the Visitors Centre of the Marine Protected Area “Secche della Meloria”, amounting to 400 thousand euro.
    • a contribution of 80 thousand euro for the realization of an environmental characterization of the sites along the coast of Livorno, aimed at the revision of the Structural Plan and of the Urban Regulations of the Municipality of Livorno.
  • Municipality of Collesalvetti and Province of Livorno:
    • project of environmental requalification of the urban centre of Stagno with a total contribution of 420 thousand euro.
  • Municipality of Pisa and Province of Pisa:
    • realization of an equipped park in the public area “La Camilla” at Marina of Pisa for an amount of 100 thousand euro.
  • Municipality of Pisa and Province of Pisa:
    • as a part of the agreement signed between OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, the Province and the Municipality of Pisa, the project for the reopening of the Incile Canal, the link between Arno and Navicelli Canal, in order to restore the navigation capacity from the centre of Pisa to the Port of Livorno. The project, for an overall value of 5 million euro, is concluded.
  • Tuscany Region:
    • a contribution of 2.5 million euro – 500.000 euro per year for 5 years – for the realization of the service of door-to-door waste collection – with the aim to develop specific compensations for environmental measures and energy efficiency. The Tuscany Region, with the Deliberation n. 151 of 03.03.2014 of the Regional Committee, assigned this contribution to the Municipality of Livorno.

2. Occupation

The plant provides a significant contribution to the employment in the territory. Overall, OLT guarantees employment to 138 people  (as at 31 December 2020). Specifically, 22 people are employed directly by OLT, the remaining workers are employed by the two main outsourcers of the Company, respectively: 77 by ECOS, responsible for the management of the Terminal, and 39 by the company Fratelli Neri, involved in the management of the support vessels.

3. Socio-economic opportunities

The OLT industrial initiative provides important opportunities first of all for the Livorno area, where the main investments are concentrated, but also for the other municipalities involved. In particular, the economic impact at a local level is estimated at around 400 million euro for 20 years, starting from 2013.  This amount includes a series of specific activities: from the management and the maintenance of the Terminal to the surveillance system, from the direct occupation to all the other services related to the environmental protection. In particular:

  1. OLT collaborates with many local companies, specialized in the fields of repair, maintenance, purchasing, warehousing and transportation, for the organization and the execution of activities related to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the plant. Moreover, OLT employed also the persons responsible for the management of the Terminal. This activity generates an economical spin-off equal to about 10 million euro a year. Overall benefits for 20 years: 200 million euro.
  2. OLT signed 3 contracts for the activities of naval support (overall value: about 8 million euro a year) related to the tug boats service for the mooring of the LNG carriers to the Terminal (4.5 million euro a year for 2 tug boats), to the transport of personnel on board the Terminal (0.6 million euro a year), to the surveillance service of the Terminal by the Guardian Vessel “LNG Guardian” (2.6 million euro a year in operation) and for the Marine Base (about 0.3 million euro a year). Overall benefits for 20 years: 160 million euro.
  3. The collaboration with the Consortium of Marine Biology and Applied Ecology (CIBM) of Livorno generates an economic benefit of 950.000 euro a year, due to the provision of a twenty-year programme of monitoring for marine, physical, biological, chemical-physical, bathymetric and eco-toxicological surveys which will be carried out. Overall benefits for 20 years: 19 million euro.
  4. The fee for the occupation of state property amounts to approximately 0.5 million euro a year. Overall benefits for 20 years: 10 million euro.