Flexibility services

The flexibility services provided by OLT to the Terminal Users are:

  • Nomination and Renomination Service;
  • Virtual Liquefaction Service;
  • Extended Storage Service.

The Nomination and Renomination Service allows the user of the regasification service to modulate, even within the same day, the quantity of LNG regasified and redelivered at the entry point of the National grid or at the Virtual Exchange Point (PSV), according to the timing and procedures set out in the Regasification Code.

The Virtual Liquefaction Service allows the users to deliver natural gas at the PSV by receiving an equivalent quantity of LNG inside the Terminal tanks. Such LNG can be either received, as liquid, into small scale carriers or, as natural gas, at the entry point of the National grid.

The Extended Storage Service consists in providing to the regasification users a temporary storage service for a quantity of LNG inside the Terminal tanks, which could be redelivered as liquid onto small LNG carriers or regasified and sent into the National grid in a period other than the one in which such LNG was discharged into the Terminal.