Regasification is the phase of the regasification cycle, in which the LNG stored in the tanks of the Terminal at -160 ° C returns to the gaseous state through heat exchange with sea water. The regasification service includes the mooring of the LNG carriers, the unloading of the LNG in the tanks of the Terminal and the redelivery of such regasified LNG at the entry point of the National Italian grid or at the Virtual Exchange Point (PSV).

The regasification service is offered by OLT based on the access rules set out by the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis.

The service is offered through auctions via the Platform for the Allocation of Regasification Capacity (PAR) managed by Gestore Mercati Energetici (GME) and the reserve price is defined in accordance with current regulations.

The regasification capacity is offered on annual and multiyear allocation processes and, if there is still available capacity in the current gas year, the latter is monthly offered during the infra-annual allocation processes through capacity products auctions, monthly and spot auctions and FCFS (First Come First Served).