Flexibility services


 With Resolution 190/2021/R/gas and then with Resolution 474/2021/R/gas, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) approved the fees for the flexibility services, pursuant to Article 12, paragraph 2 of the TIRG. The Flexibility Services offered by the Terminal are:

  • the Redelivery Nomination and Renomination;
  • Extended Storage Flexibility Services; and
  • Virtual Liquefaction service envisaged by Chapter 3.4, Clause 3.5.3, 3.5.4 and 5.5.5 respectively.

Daily Nomination and Renomination flexibility service

Pursuant to Clauses and of the Regasification Code, each User may modify the Default Redelivery Profile provided by the Operating Company by sending their Redelivery Nominations or their Redelivery Nominations in the ways and times provided by the Regasification Code.

The fees for the flexibility of the redelivery service shall be calculated as follows:

Nomination and Renomination Flexibility Service tariff

Tf   =  fm x Qf


  • Qf      is the required flexibility volume increasing and/or decreasing in the month, expressed in MWh/day;
  • fm      is the unit fee for the Nomination Flexibility Service and the Renomination Flexibility Service, equal to € 0.104/MWh.

Extended Storage Service

The Terminal may offer Users the Extended Storage Service pursuant to Clause 3.5.3 of the Regasification Code.

The fees for the Extended Storage Service shall be calculated as follows:

Extended Storage Service Tariff:

Ts  =  Cs x g x Qs


  • g             is the number of days for which the Extended Storage Service is provided;
  • Qs          is the total volume of Extended Storage covered by the service, expressed in liqcm*;
  • Cs           expressed in euro/mcliq is the unit Extended Storage Fee and is equal to 0.745354 €/mcliq/day.

*LNG calorific value of 6700 kWh/mcl and gas value of 10,98 kWh/Smc shall be taken into account.

In addition, the possibility of keeping the LNG previously delivered at the Terminal tanks involves the formation of quantities of boil off gas. More specifically, it is estimated that the production of boil off gas per cubic meter liquid LNG stored is equal to:

BOGs = PBOG *Qs * g


  • PBOG     is the percentage of boil off gas associated with the amount of gas present in the tanks of the Terminal for Prolonged Storage Service and is equal to 0.02%.

The amount available for the Extended Storage Service on any day on which such service is offered will therefore be equal to the amount for the Extended Storage Service on the previous day deducted from the BOGs:

QsG   =  QsG – 1  * (1–PBOG)

Virtual Liquefaction Service

The Terminal may offer Users the Virtual Liquefaction Service pursuant to Clause 3.5.4 and 3.5.5 of the Regasification Code.

The fees for the Virtual Liquefaction Service shall be calculated as follows:

Virtual Liquefaction tariff

TfVL  =  fVL x QVL


  • QVL    is the flexibility volume requested in month M, expressed in MWh/d;
  • fVL     is the virtual liquefaction fee and is equal to 0,05 €/MWh.