Peak Shaving Service

06 December 2021

Tender procedure for the identification of third parties available to provide LNG for the Peak Shaving Service during the winter period of the Gas Year 2021/2022

OLT Offshore LNG Toscana S.p.A. provides to the Responsible of the Italian Gas Balancing System a temporary storage for the purposes of the Peak Shaving Service.

The service will consist in the supply of an LNG cargo delivering a quantity of LNG between a minimum of around 670,000 MWh (equivalent to approximately 100,000 cubic metres) and a maximum of around 804,000 MWh (equivalent to approximately 120,000 cubic metres) in the period between 28th December 2021 and 17th January 2022, according to the terms of the Service Contract.

Should the LNG quantity discharged be greater than the one provided by the Peak Shaving Service, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana S.p.A. clarifies that the extra quantity will be regasified in accordance with the rules set forth in the Regasification Code, as determined by the Capacity Agreement laid down in Annex 1B attached to the tender Procedure.

For any additional information please contact:

Michele Tosi
Coordinator of the Commercial Operations
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