National Membership


Proxigas, the National Association of the Gas Industry, represents all the companies, regardless of their constitution, that are engaged in any one or more of the following activities: storage, transportation, distribution, sale of natural gas on the consumer market, wholesale, trading and regasification of liquefied natural gas.


Assocostieri is the association of companies operating in the energy logistics. It was established in Rome on February 24th 1983 in order to found a new kind of organization that could strongly protect the relevant role of the primary distribution in the national market.

The association is composed by companies that operate in the sector of mineral oil, chemical products and LNG/LPG, mainly with private capital, with a total storage capacity of about 5 million mc, shared in the different sectors, and also by biodiesel producing companies.

Confindustria Livorno e Massa Carrara

Confindustria Livorno and Massa Carrara represents 500 companies, including 45 multinationals and large enterprises, and aggregates overall more than 20,000 employees, constituting one of the regional districts with the highest rate of industrialization.

The main goal of the association is the integration and optimization of the skills and services offered to its members, for the construction of a more innovative associative framework.

Thanks to the membership to Confindustria the associated members can benefit from the representation of business interests throughout the national territory, towards the main political and administrative institutions, including the Parliament, the Government, the trade unions and other social realities, and can also access to specialized services in support of corporate activity.


Propeller is a cultural association that promotes  relations between people that operate in the field of maritime, land and air transport; it encourages training and technical, cultural updating among all the members of economic and professional associations related to the maritime activities and to national and international transports.